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Dance and Music

I’m not a morning person by nature but recently I was up early to appear live on the local news accompanying the Nebula Dance Lab for our upcoming show, Through the Looking Glass, at the Lobero Theatre on November 1st. The KEYT patio has a beautiful view of the mountains and the harbor below but offers the challenge of tuning all my harp strings in the early morning cool air, which then become progressively warmer with the sunrise.

Laurie plays harp in the sunrise

There were three of us providing music for the dancers who had an even more difficult job, being limber and flexible so early. It was an extra challenge for them to move smoothly on the rough concrete patio but they didn’t let it show.

Nebula Dance Lab with musicians

I’m looking forward to playing the entire show. Dance expands live music into a multidimensional experience. You can see a snippet of the combination in the news video. After the interview the music begins at 2:18: