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Royal Wedding Day

Last Friday most of the world watched Prince William of England marry Kate Middleton in a fairy-tale perfect ceremony. Besides all the normal happiness and joy associated with such an event, there was also some raising of harp-consciousness among the general public, thanks to Will and Cate’s request that the Royal Harpist play for their reception back at Buckingham Palace.

Claire Jones currently holds the position of Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales, a traditional post that Prince Charles revived in 2000. Her job is to entertain the Prince’s guests on special occasions and she does so on a beautiful one-of-a-kind gold harp given to the Prince of Wales by Italian harp maker Victor Salvi. Lucky girl!

Royal Harpist and Gold Harp

On the very same day, I played for Afternoon Tea at the Biltmore Four Seasons in Montecito with my own gold harp. Many of the guests wore hats nearly as eye-catching as some that were featured at Will and Cate’s wedding, so with that - plus the sparkling chandeliers, pots of Darjeeling tea, cucumber sandwiches and scones with cream and strawberry jam - I felt as if we were celebrating with Prince William and his new bride, albeit from several time zones away.

Laurie plays harp for Afternoon Tea