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Mind, Movement, Meditation

Poetry in Laramie, WY 1996

In 1996 while on a concert tour I played a gig at the Coal Creek Coffee Company in Laramie, Wyoming. I was pleased to find this spot of Bohemian culture after driving through vast expanses of nothing in the northern part of the state where just a few antelope bounced around the landscape. During the show that evening a quiet young woman sat at a nearby table writing in a journal and afterwards she presented me with a beautiful poem she'd been inspired to write while listening to the music. I'd forgotten about it until by chance I came across it again today. Here it is:

Chords run through this life of mine
And chords run through my soul.
Chords struck soft in the evening’s quiet
Are the sounds that make them whole.

Music is a blessèd gift,
Bless those who give it birth,
And twice bless those who play the songs
That heal a wounded Earth.

There is a silence of the mind
When life about you stills,
An empty place within the heart
That only music fills.

There are chords that bind us all
These chords that sing our songs,
And to the few who touch the chords,
Our gratitude belongs.

~Mary Lovelace~
Laramie, Wyoming