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Previously Owned Harps for Sale

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If you are interested in a particular harp or have questions, please visit our store on line at
Harps by the Sea. Contact us to make an appointment to see, hear and play these fine instruments.

Thormahlen Harp Cygnet 36 - $6695
36 strings, full set of Camac levers
Serial #1298, built in 2013
Highly-figured solid cherry wood, spruce soundboard
Includes case, tuning key, extra string set

Harpsicle Lap Harp - $525
26 Strings - sharping levers on C and F
Four years old
color: Natural
Includes cloth carry bag and tuning key

Dusty Strings Allegro Harp - $1395
26 Strings - Full set Loveland sharping levers
Eight years old
Wood: Sapele Mahogany
Includes cloth deluxe case and tuning key

Blevins Encore Harp - $2150 Sold!
34 Strings - full Loveland levers
made in 2000
color: Natural
Includes padded carry bag and tuning key

Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 Harp - $995 Sold!
26 Strings - sharping levers on C, F, E, B
Four years old
color: Black
Includes carry bag, tuning key, Korg electronic tuner, legs and extra strings

Venus Premiere Pedal Harp - $10,000 Sold!
46 strings - C up to F
serial #2055, built 1994
color: Mahogany
Includes padded travel cover, tuning key and three-wheel dolly

Lyon & Healy 85CG Harp - $16,000 Sold!
47 strings - C up to G
serial #14537, built 2001
color: Mahogany
Includes 3-piece travel cover, tuning key, dolly, music stand, electronic tuner

Studio Harp - $750 Sold!
29 strings - G up to g
built 2004
cherry wood with laminate soundboard
Includes padded travel case and tuning key

Lyon & Healy Troubadour III - $2695 Sold!
36 strings
serial #5851 built in 1987
color: Mahogany
Includes dust cover

Camac Electroharp - $3850 Sold!
36 strings A-a
color: Ebony with gold accents
wood: Maple and beech
Includes cordura case, tuning key, spare strings
Full set of Camac levers

Triplett Irish 25 Wire Strung Harp - $1195 Sold!
25 strings
Weight: 10 lbs
Height: 34”
Wood: Natural cherry
Includes case and electronic tuner
Full set of brass sharping blades

Lyon & Healy Style 15 Pedal Harp - $13,000 Sold!
46 strings
serial #4767 built c. 1957
color: Natural aged maple
Includes dust cover

Lyon & Healy Style 20 Pedal Harp - $11,900 Sold!
45 strings
serial #200 built c. 1900
Natural and Bronze
Includes tuning key, wooden music stand

Lyon & Healy Style 15 Pedal Harp - $10,000 - Sold!
46 strings
serial #3613 built c. 1936
Natural and Bronze
Includes original wooden trunk, tuning key, assorted sheet music

Ardival Kilcoy - $1200 - Sold!
19 brass strings
Sycamore wood, hollowed from a single log
Includes Glenn Cronkhite case, tuning key, extra wire for strings

Tyrolean Single Action pedal harp by Peter Mürnseer - $3800 - SOLD!
40 strings
Cherry and flamed maple wood
includes cover, tuning key and custom cart

Dusty Strings FH36B - $5000 - SOLD!
36 strings
Full set of Loveland levers
Bubinga wood with tiger maple veneer on soundboard
Abalone inlay on pillar, soundboard and sides
pick-up built in
case and tuning key included

Dusty Strings FH-32 - $2800 - SOLD!
32 strings
Pomele Sapele wood with tiger maple veneer on soundboard
Full set of Loveland levers
Deluxe travel case and tuning key included 

Venus Seraphim Pedal Harp - $8500 - SOLD!
42 strings
Straight soundboard
st Octave D to 7th Octave E
Natural maple with bronzing, decal on soundboard and gold crown
Case, tuning key and
custom harp cart included